2018 Annual Report Toolkit

We are pleased to offer you the report as well as a suite of graphical assets that may be used in presentations and publications.

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ECHO Behavioral Health Programs

ECHO HepC Programs

ECHO Opioid Programs

Outpatient Telehealth Consultations

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetic Program Average A1Cs

Remote Patient Monitoring Clinics with Diabetic Programs

S.C. Department of Mental Health Telepsychiatry Clinics

S.C. Department of Mental Health Hospital Telepsychiatry

Schools with Telehealth Capabilities

School-based Telehealth Programs by County

Telehealth Programs by County

Tele-ICU Counties

Telestroke Network Consultations

Telestroke Network Door-to-Needle (DTN)

Telestroke Network Hub-and-Spokes

Telestroke Network % of Patients who Received Care within :60

Virtual Care Visits

SCTA 2018 Annual Report cover report image

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