A smartphone next to a stethoscope

Technical Support

Thanks to advances in technology, telehealth is cost-efficient. In most cases, telemedicine can be arranged with minimal infrastructure that most physician offices or other locations already have on hand: a high-speed internet connection, laptop computer and webcam. Inpatient and emergency department-based services will require more sophisticated mobile telehealth carts with remote-controllable high-definition cameras.

Telehealth professionals speaking to one another remotely.

Other devices, such as hand-held examination cameras, stethoscopes, otoscopes, and spirometers may be needed, depending on the specific location and services offered. The South Carolina Telehealth Alliance has already negotiated with medical equipment and software vendors to lower costs and provide the training and support to make telehealth more accessible. For more information about the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance’s guidelines for equipment and its open-access network, please review the SCTA Technical Standards (PDF).

*Contact the help desk to get support for telehealth equipment. Find other technical resources here.