Emerging Stronger Than Ever

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For nearly a decade, SCTA partners have worked tirelessly to build a solid, long-standing telehealth infrastructure in South Carolina. To leave no health system or citizen behind, SCTA partners continuously develop telehealth programs, create educational resources and training tools, and build on the technology and connectivity groundwork to support telehealth expansion statewide. Although telehealth has been an important part of South Carolina’s healthcare system for years, the COVID-19 pandemic propelled it into the mainstream, establishing telehealth as a critical piece of the care delivery system. We are well poised to exit this pandemic on a path to establish the most accessible health care in history!

In 2021, the new and improved SCTA Statewide Strategic Plan was introduced. With a goal of enhancing our tactical support efforts to improve our telehealth program infrastructure and maximize value, the SCTA Statewide Strategic Plan format was re-thought and fully operationalized last year. The 2021 SCTA Statewide Strategic Plan focuses on five service-oriented strategy domains with cross-cutting support tactics.

Each strategy domain showcased throughout this year’s annual report features overarching objectives that SCTA partners collaboratively work towards in the mission to improve the health of all South Carolinians through telehealth. SCTA partners’ willingness to embrace this new strategy format during an already trying year demonstrates their strong commitment to the collaborative expansion of health care access in South Carolina through telehealth.

Read the SCTA 2021 statewide strategic plan

  • 1,580,000+ Overall Telehealth Interactions

  • 580+ SCTA-Supported Telehealth Sites

  • 1,000,000+ Synchronous Video Interactions

  • 113,8000+ Asynchronous Telehealth Interactions

  • 319,600+ Remote Patient Monitoring Interactions