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In 2021, SCETV created 46 unique podcasts, videos, and news stories about telehealth in South Carolina. Distribution points included broadcasts on South Carolina ETV, South Carolina Public Radio, and digital channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The South Carolina Public Radio stories reach all major markets including Charlotte, Augusta, and Savannah, airing twice per week, and reaching 1.1 million weekly listeners.

  • In December, SCETV posted that Care South Carolina is leading the transformation of community-centered care. That post had a reach of 1,700 and garnered 395 engagements.

  • SCETV’s top stories for the year featured patient-centered care, from Charleston Promise Neighborhood’s telehealth program to Spartanburg’s Nurse Family Partnership.  

  • SCETV received an Emmy nomination in 2021 for their MyTelehealth feature story of a mobile app created by MUSC’s Dr. Moreland, which helps therapists deliver mental health support to firefighters. Watch the Emmy-nominated video and read the full story here!   

The SCTA served as a key player in the first-ever national Telehealth Awareness Week (TAW). Five years after launching TAW in South Carolina, the team continued by building out a collaborative strategy with assets to match. During the one week of TAW alone, the team utilized digital media to drive conversations on the need to incorporate telehealth as a regular healthcare practice. Twitter and Facebook reached over 5,500 individuals – that one-week count exceeds the total reach achieved by those same social media handles in 4 different months from the past year. 

"With telehealth, it’s been a life-saver for us. It definitely has opened the doors for us to be able to keep the lines of communication open and to give [mothers] the information that they need, even though we are not able to be in the home.”


Debbie Brush, RN, speaking about Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s Nurse Family Partnership Telehealth Program

Social Media Follower Growth 2021

  • Facebook +17%
  • Twitter +21%