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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA)?

The SCTA is a statewide collaboration of many organizations that have joined forces to expand telehealth services across the state of South Carolina. Led by the SCTA Advisory Council, it provides guidance, assists with strategic development, and advises on technology and standards. The SCTA was formed with founding strategic providers, Greenville Health, McLeod Health, Medical University of South Carolina and Palmetto Health, providing telehealth care services.

How is the SCTA funded?

The SCTA is funded by the S.C. State Legislature, via the House Ways & Means Committee and the S.C. Department of Health and Human Services. The Medical University of South Carolina, an agency of the State of South Carolina, serves as the fiscal agent and headquarters of the SCTA. The SCTA does utilize some external grant funding, as well.

What are the services funded by the SCTA?

  • Administrative functions of programs and services
  • Telehealth equipment and maintenance
  • Technical support and security
  • Initiatives determined by collaborative strategic planning

What types of telehealth services does the SCTA provide?

  • Provider education and training
  • Maternal fetal medicine consultations
  • Outpatient multi-specialty consultations
  • Hospital-based consultations
  • Urgent care consultations (e.g., jails, skilled nursing facilities)
  • School-based health care (pediatrics)
  • Telestroke
  • Mental Health
  • Tele-ICU
  • Remote home monitoring
  • Direct-to-consumer services (e.g., e-visits)

Are these telehealth services provided everywhere in South Carolina?

Although many services are available throughout the state, our strategic partners continue to add new services. For a list of services click here.