Improve the Quality of Provider Advice with eConsult

South Carolina Telehealth Alliance
January 31, 2022

Meg Wright, Client Operations Manager, ReferWell | January 26, 2022

South Carolina eConsult, powered by Referwell, creates an environment where providers share thoughtful advice, highly personalized to the patients' needs, and even include clinical documentation and educational resources.

As outlined in a full blog post, Meg Wright, ReferWell Client Operations Manager, outlines how replacing telephone consultations and taking conversations online into secure messaging software has enabled Referwell’s eConsult solutions to overcome the quality issues of traditional eConsults.

Health centers and PCPs requesting eConsults on ReferWell consistently say that specialists customize their responses to the specific patient and clinical information provided. These specialists not only provide the best answers, but they are also committed to helping providers learn, even occasionally sharing educational links and videos for both the PCP and the patient. Not only does the system support greater knowledge sharing but it improves the patient experience and leads to better patient outcomes.

With today’s modern technology and a variety of eConsult solutions on the market, there is no reason that provider-to-provider consultations should be anything less than optimal conversations that share specialist-informed care guidance.

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About SCTA

South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA) is a collaboration of health systems, primary and specialty care providers, state agencies, and other shared-mission support organizations that work together to improve the lives of all South Carolinians through telehealth. In recognition of this collaboration, the American Telemedicine Association awarded the SCTA its President's Award for Transformation of Healthcare Delivery in 2019. The SCTA includes close to 600 connected care sites throughout the state and is administratively headquartered at the MUSC Center for Telehealth, one of only two Telehealth Centers of Excellence in the nation.

About ReferWell

ReferWell is a New York-area health technology company driving efficient care transitions through the last mile. With our unique blend of EMR-agnostic software and service, ReferWell doubles the effectiveness of the referable momentSM to get more people to preventive care and specialist visits. Our payer and provider clients raise revenue by reducing leakage, improving Star ratings and improving risk adjustment performance.

We specialize in optimized provider search; appointment scheduling that increases compliance; simple loop closure and reporting on patient and provider behaviors. We support simple, integrated health care delivery for payers and provider networks covering more than 5 million members.


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