TSIM introduces online training course for successfully implementing sustainable telehealth services

May 03, 2023
Computer monitor and smartphone showing The Telehealth Service Implementation Model (TSIM) website.
Computer monitor and smartphone showing the online Telehealth Service Implementation Model (TSIM) course.

The Telehealth Service Implementation Model (TSIM) is set to launch a brand-new online training course for telehealth leaders and teams. TSIM originated at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), stemming from the successful and groundbreaking work of its successful telehealth team. The MUSC Health Center for Telehealth is one of only two federally designated National Telehealth Centers of Excellence in the country.

All-encompassing in nature, TSIM’s structured framework facilitates the development, implementation and optimization of telehealth services. The pioneers of this unique model aimed to share their knowledge and telehealth best practices with other organizations worldwide. The Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization (ZI), a component of the MUSC Office of Innovation, lent support for this endeavor. ZI leads the commercialization of the institution’s IP-backed innovations.

TSIM is currently a collaborative effort between MUSC and ZI and prominent industry partners, such as Ignis Health and TSO publishing, with plans to launch in the market soon.

This fully accredited online training course, which officially launches in early May, equips telehealth teams, including administrative, clinical and technical representatives, with the knowledge and confidence to apply the TSIM framework in their own organizations. The course is broken down into 11 topics and follows the best practice framework to take any idea for a telehealth service through development, implementation and long-term sustainability. This systematic approach enables everyone on the team to speak a common language to recognize their strengths, weaknesses and gaps in service development, operations and management.

According to Shawn Valenta, one of the founding members of TSIM at MUSC and the current vice president at Wellpath, "We are extremely excited to launch the TSIM Foundation Course later this year. TSIM is an investment in the people and process of telehealth. We have been using the TSIM framework for over seven years to simplify the complexities of telehealth. TSIM establishes a standard repeatable process for teams to successfully develop, implement and optimize their telehealth services. As telehealth continues to expand, it is now more important than ever for organizations to follow best practice and ensure the delivery of high-quality, highly reliable telehealth services.”

The TSIM accredited training course is self-paced and includes a proctored exam at the end delivered by APMG International, a globally recognized industry accreditation provider. Telehealth teams across a range of health care institutions are already utilizing TSIM and praising it for providing a clear roadmap, enabling them to bring innovation to reality in telehealth practices.

“There are many playbooks for telehealth, but they almost universally are delivered at such a high level that the boots on the ground implementors are left with a basic understanding of categories of tasks without a clear roadmap on how to tackle them,” said James McElligott, executive medical director of the MUSC Health Center for Telehealth. “TSIM changes that with a system that logically and concisely covers the breadth of effort required to transform health care practice over distance with virtual tools. People who study TSIM will feel fully equipped to bring innovation to reality.”

Visit the TSIM website to learn more about the framework, the course and partnership opportunities: https://www.tsimtelehealth.com/foundation-course/

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