Remote Patient Monitoring

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COVID-19-specific Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

SCTA partners leveraged their expertise with existing mobile health programs to build COVID-19-specifc remote patient monitoring (RPM) and/or follow-up programs. Using existing technology, healthcare providers are able to communicate with patients who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, but do not require hospitalization.

Prisma Health implemented a COVID-19 Emergency Department follow-up program in which patients without primary care providers are offered follow-up virtual visits at the second, fifth, and eighth days after a positive COVID-19 test.

Another example is MUSC’s COVID-19 RPM program, which enrolls patients to receive a daily check-in email and brief questionnaire, to help a nursing team monitor symptoms and alert a physician if a patient’s condition worsens. The program has received extremely positive feedback, with patients commenting that the program allowed them to feel less alone, knowing someone was checking in with them and monitoring their symptoms.

In 2020, MUSC’s COVID-19 RPM program enrolled and monitored 1,278 patients.

Below are a few more quotes from patients of this program who spoke to the impact of its support:

"When you are worried about something like this it weighs upon you. They took away my worries."
"I had a feeling that I was doing something for myself and felt more in control of my care."
“The nursing team gave me useful advice during this time of self-quarantine. They let me know what I should take to help with my headaches or chest pressure or aches. Also, they were encouraging as I went through this virus.”