Broadband and Technology Infastructure

Palmetto Care Connections (PCC) is dedicated to helping increase access to care and eliminate the digital equity divide in South Carolina by providing broadband and technology infrastructure support and solutions. With a particular focus on the most rural and underserved regions of the state, PCC assists in facilitating affordable, high-capacity digital bandwidth to enhance virtual communications, such as telehealth. Utilizing broadband maps created by the SC Office of Regulatory Staff Broadband Office, PCC works collaboratively to identify and advocate for areas in need of broadband in the state - crucial to accessing care via telehealth.   

PCC also plays a major role in cost savings for rural SC health care providers providing them with broadband subsidies through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Healthcare Connect Fund programs.  

  • $111 million in broadband savings since 2013 for SC health care providers!