Community Focused, and Equity Driven

Of South Carolina’s 5.3 million residents, 11.1% are without health insurance, 14% live in poverty, and 15% of households are without broadband internet.* In addition, all 46 counties in the state are designated as completely or partially medically underserved by the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA).** These are just a few of the many barriers to health care South Carolinians experience, highlighting the significant need for a community focused, equity driven approach to mitigate these burdens. 

The theme of this year’s Annual Report resonates with the SCTA’s deeply rooted mission of improving the health of all South Carolinians through telehealth, focusing on all communities of the state with strategies driven toward equity. Targeting underserved populations, bringing care to patients regardless of geographical location, and providing the education, tools, and resources needed to access care are all ways the SCTA has and continues to contribute towards statewide health equity achievement. Our role in this space is challenging yet rewarding and it is far from over. The SC Telehealth Alliance remains determined to combat equity-related barriers in SC, continuing to pursue collaborative work aligned with our mission, to better the health of all South Carolinians.  

  • 1.2 Million+ Overall Telehealth Interactions in 2023 
  • 765 SCTA-Supported Telehealth Sites
  • 760,000+ Synchronous Telehealth Interactions 
  • 166,000+ Asynchronous Telehealth Interactions 

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