Mission, Vision & Strategies

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Improving the health of all South Carolinians through telehealth.


Telehealth will grow to support delivery of health care to all South Carolinians with an emphasis on underserved and rural communities. It will facilitate, coordinate, and make more accessible quality care, education, and research that are patient-centered, reliable, and timely. Our state will become recognized nationally for telehealth that is uniquely collaborative, valuable, and cost-effective.


  • Patient Centered
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability

Value Proposition

Telehealth in South Carolina will deliver high value through productive collaboration.


  • Service Extension:
    All citizens of South Carolina will have equitable access to ambulatory care. Telehealth modalities will be used in the ambulatory setting to extend the reach of services that would otherwise be limited by travel and related barriers to care.
  • Hospital Support:
    Every community hospital in our state will have access to telehealth partnerships that enhance its services and its finances. These Hospital Services represent partnerships that extend care between hospitals using telehealth with a focus on connecting resources from larger urban hospitals to community hospitals throughout the state.
  • Convenient Care:
    All citizens in South Carolina will have affordable and immediately available patient-initiated virtual urgent and other health system-entry level care from an in-state provider. Convenient Care services are designed to engage individual patients through their own available devices in order to optimize utilization and maximize healthcare engagement.
  • Primary Care Support:
    All primary care clinics in the state, with emphasis on Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), will have access to integrated services through telehealth partnerships. These services are intended to support the mission of the primary care clinic as a medical home, emphasizing the importance of local health care infrastructure while mitigating gaps in access to supporting resources.
  • Health Equity:
    Targeted, novel initiatives will close the gap in access to health care services for high-priority health disparities. Health Equity services will make progress towards achieving health equity across the state in identified areas of health disparity.

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