Primary Care Support

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Primary Care Support services aim to connect distant and local providers in South Carolina with intentions to maximize primary care statewide. Through its wide range of programs, SC communities are provided with the support and adequate primary care resources to amplify patient care. This encourages SC patients to seek primary care in their communities, thus mitigating gaps in access to care. Learn more about this strategy.

Example Services

  • Project ECHO/Telementoring

  • Diabetes Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

  • Primary Care Integrated Services

    • Nutrition Counseling

    • Psychiatry


  • South Carolina’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program allows providers to continuously monitor patients’ clinical conditions from afar while at home or in a clinical setting using appropriate telehealth equipment. If the provider detects abnormal activity in the patient’s levels, actions are quickly taken to alert the patient and resolve the issue. Many SCTA partners across our state offer a variety of robust remote patient monitoring programs, ranging from heart health care, diabetic care, COVID-19 care, and even pediatric burn care. These are just a few of the many RPM programs in the state, offering patients peace of mind while managing their clinical conditions

  • 240,00+ Remote Patient Monitoring Interactions

  • South Carolina’s Project ECHO/Telementoring programs aim to empower rural healthcare providers to provide specialty informed care for patients with specific needs through regular case and didactic sessions. In 2022, these programs held 70 sessions, with nearly 2,000 participants with a focus on peer recovery support specialists, SC pregnancy wellness, and opioid use disorders. Hear from SC Project ECHO program champions.

  • SC Project ECHO/Telementoring Programs now cover all 46 counties in SC!