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SCETV created 30 unique videos and news stories, including a 1-hour documentary about telehealth in South Carolina. Distribution points included broadcasts on South Carolina ETV, South Carolina Public Radio, and digital channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Distribution on SCETV’s YouTube channel reached an audience of 35,000 subscribed and broadcasts reached 499,031 households weekly.

"The pandemic has been a horrible experience for many people, but I think we’ve learned a lot in the medical field about not just how to care for really sick patients but also how to pivot and do things like telemedicine. I don’t think that’s going away. I think we’ll always have a hybrid where there maybe telemedicine options, depending on what the needs are, as well as in-person visits, and I think that combination is the right approach.”


Dr. Ryan Tedford, MD - MUSC's Section Chief of Heart Failure and medical Director of Cardiac Transplantation, watch the full story on utilizing telemedicine with his patients

2022 Social Media Engagement

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